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Century Village Museum Support


Why We Do What We Do?


On a sunny Monday morning in late spring, Mrs. Kriz’s third grade class from bubbled with excitement as they set off with pencils in hand and for the next week, the Museum would be their classroom.  Through the students work and research at the Century Village Museum, the third graders developed a genuine and lasting pride in their community.  They learned not only how townships in Geauga County came to be, but also about the people, past and present, who have made lasting, significant contributions that make Geauga County and the Western Reserve, the unique and wonderful place we enjoy living in today. 

The museum hosts thousands of school age children and young adults in their education programs and tens of thousands of visitors come each year to learn and play at our functions and festivals!

Your gift will truly be stretched to connect people of all ages with the pioneering spirit of Geauga County’s founders, and inspire a love of history.  Remarkably, almost everything the Museum does, from maintaining and expanding collections, educational programming, and even the board of directors are almost exclusively powered by a dedicated army of volunteers!

However, we simply cannot do what we do without your financial support!   

Thank you in advance for your generosity & desire to keep history alive!

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