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$8.00 per student $10.00 per adult 
All school staff is free
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 Western Reserve land enabled pioneers from New England to settle the area in the early 19th Century. Each house on the property of Century Village Museum represents the general lifestyle of families, starting in log cabins in 1798 to Victorian style larger homes. Other representations of Western Reserve life can be seen in the surrounding public buildings.


Classes will be met by a trained interpreter to start their tour.   The interpreter will present knowledge about frontier life on the Western Reserve through interactive tours of the Century Village Museum along with entertaining and stimulating information to cultivate interest early American life.  Stories about the inhabitants of the buildings allow visitors to make a more personal connection to the museum, as well as provide entertainment.


The museum explores life in a log cabin as people settled the land. It then shows how future generations developed a more refined way of life by building wealth through trade and job specialization.
Each building and its artifacts are a window into what daily life was like for the people who lived there.  They portray a variety of chores, responsibilities, and leisure activities of the various inhabitants of a Western Reserve town. 


A school tour will include:  The Umberfield Cabin, The Hickox Brick, The Schoolhouse, The Bainbridge Store and the Auburn Church.  There will also be a craft for each student to do.


Each tour is approximately 90 minutes long. 
Group sizes will depend upon how many students will be touring. 
We provide indoor (as well as outdoor) areas that the children may eat bagged lunches that they bring with them.

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