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"The Comet"

The Western Reserve Artists Blacksmith Association will be dedicating a beautiful piece of Art on the grounds of the Century Village Museum for the Geauga County Historical Society.  This collaborative effort by the Blacksmiths who have a forge on the grounds, created this memorable iron sculpture called “The Comet” mounted on a granite stone which is a glacial erratic brought to Burton Ohio from Canada dragged under a mile of ice during the last Glacial age, around 11-14,000 years ago. 

The unveiling will take place in front of the Lennah Bond Activity Center at 2:00 pm on April 6, 2024, during the three-day Solar Eclipse Festival on the Century Village Museum grounds at 14653 East Park St. Burton, Ohio 44021. The parking lot is on South Cheshire Street.

A little about the mission of the Western Reserve Artist Blacksmith Association.

During the time of the industrial revolution the work that the blacksmith did was almost completely replaced by mass-produced products. A handful of dedicated smiths were able to keep on working, mostly producing architectural items such as railings and gates. However, eventually even this work was mostly replaced by machine and modern fabrication techniques. It might have seemed that the hand forging craft of the blacksmith would have disappeared altogether. However, this ancient art and craft is still carried on today on the Century Village Museum grounds.  Machine formed parts cannot replace the beauty and unique character of hand forging. Architectural, decorative, and functional products continue to be produced by many highly skilled working smiths.

W.R.A.B.A. and its members continue to support these modern-day blacksmiths, both amateur and professionals alike.

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